alternatives to grass lawns in florida

What is the most useful alternative to lawn grass? - Quora- alternatives to grass lawns in florida ,Thyme is considered the best, but even it has limits. It is more expensive than grass by far. But may only need brief watering periods between natural rains. It is technically considered xeric, but the root systems aren't as deep as most xeric pla...Grass Alternatives: Why & How to Replace Your Lawn11/8/2017· Grass alternatives suited to your climate should require far less water, which will also save you time and money. Money savings: Save on gas, fertilizer, and water when you convert a traditional lawn to a grass alternative. Grow some of your own food and save still more. Energy-savvy landscaping can also help with your heating and cooling bills.

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10 Cheap Alternatives to Grass Lawn - The Backyard Pros

6/5/2020· Gravel. There are plenty of different gravel color options to style your yard and gravel can be an easier and cheap alternatives to grass lawn. If you are expecting a beautiful but low maintenance garden, gravel is the best material. Gravel can be used in gardens for many purposes.

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