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Standards - Football Technology - FIFA- fifa artificial turf field fireside ,Standards. The FIFA Quality Programme sets internationally recognised industry standards for products, technologies and surfaces that have a direct impact on the game of football. All.Installing football turf - Football Technology - FIFAFIFA Quality Programme - Handbook of Requirements for Football Turf October 2015 (V.3.1, 16.03.2020) - 4 - 2. Field certification The FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf is dedicated to the certification of a particular field that has been found to fully meet

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FIFA Overhauls Its Turf Programme | E-Sports International

12/1/2017· Redefining the Field: FIFA Overhauls Its Quality Programme for Artificial Turf January 12, 2017 esportsadmin Featured In 2004, after seeing an increase in the use of artificial turf in sporting events and wanting to ensure the safety of users, FIFA initiated the Quality Programme for turf to set the standards for field performance, durability, and safety, among others.

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The Best Eleven: FIFA 2 Star Certified Field Turf

4/8/2008· From a FIFA Technical Study (pdf) of a Home and Home Series in the UEFA Cup Between Red Bull Salzburg (Turf) and Blackburn Rovers (Grass) in September 2006. Artificial turf does not dramatically effect the pattern of a football match with clear similarities in the data from games played on grass turf.

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